Cuchara de Palo means wooden spoon in Spanish and refers to the ubiquitous cooking utensil found in all traditional Peruvian kitchens. The restaurant which is part of the Pisac Inn, is largely inspired by owner Roman’s mother Cleo, who cooks fabulous Peruvian cuisine and who greatly influenced Roman in his own love of food and cooking.  

The ‘slow food’ concept of using local, organic ingredients that represent the local culture is found throughout the menu with the majority of all ingredients sourced from the locality. 90% of all dishes are made with organic ingredients sourced primarily from the Kusi Ñan organic farm project which is run by local youth that have recently graduated from the Kusi Kawsay Andean School, a project founded and supported by owners Fielding and Roman along with local families through the Wiñay Taki Ayllu Association. The fresh trout is sourced from lakes in the region and the native potatoes and quinoa come from the surrounding Andean communities allowing visitors a true taste of the varied and nutritious Andean cuisine.

Chef Leo believes that one of the ways visitors can experience the local culture is through food and they encourage diners to immerse themselves in the Andean culture by trying some of the area’s finest ingredients and culinary creations.

Dishes include traditional Peruvian options like ‘lomo saltado’ or ‘aji de gallina’ as well as novo-Andean and international dishes. Our favourites dishes included the pepper alpaca steak with kiwicha mashed potatoes, the fillet of trout in orange and ginger sauce and the colourful Tika salad.

The setting of the restaurant itself is warm and cozy with a fire place lit each evening in the main restaurant or you can opt to sit outside in the patio which is filled with plants and flowers and a gas heater for chilly evenings. Cuchara de Palo is definitely one of the best restaurants in Pisac, in terms of the menu, service and ambience.

Best of Cusco recommends:

  • Try the refreshing, local drink ‘chicha morada’ which is made with purple corn from the Sacred Valley.
  • Cuchara de Palo also does a breakfast menu served from 7.30 – 11.30 with dishes including kiwicha pancakes and omelettes.
  • To learn more about Wiñay Taki Ayllu and their authentic traditional music & dance, click here.

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