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We were hanging off the side of a cliff attached only by a harness as we made our way up 1312 feet to the Skylodge Adventure Suites – a series of three transparent cubes suspended by a series of cables from the side of the mountain. This is almost certainly the Sacred Valleys’ most interesting accommodation option but a word to the wise – this is not an adventure for the faint of heart…

You reach the accommodation cubes via a series of metal steps (Via Ferrata) that run up the cliff face. We had tried the Via Ferrata a while back so knew to expect stunning views as we climbed, as well as heart stopping moments like the hanging bridge, where you inch your way across the abyss on a single cable. This is the extreme adrenaline rush route up to the Skylodge but you can also hike up if you prefer a less palpitation-inducing ascent!

Skylodge is a true feat of architecture designed by husband and wife team Natalia and Ario, both climbing aficionados. Each cube was hand-made out of aerospace aluminum and polycarbonate by Ario and his team, is 24 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and is a one of a kind that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Once you arrive after a two to three hour climb, you descend into your cube through a porthole where your guide serves you tea. Once inside the cube, amazingly, it doesn’t actually feel like you are hanging off the side of a cliff. The structure is so comfortable and stable that you hardly feel the strong wind blowing outside.

Each cube sleeps up to four people with stunning 300° degree views of the Sacred Valley. The beds are fabulous with great mattresses and soft linen and are ideal for star gazing through the transparent roof once night falls. A three-course dinner with wine is served by your guide in-cube and breakfast the next morning is enjoyed with fellow guests on the roof-top terrace with possibly the best breakfast view in the world!

This is a fabulous one-of-a-kind adventure that mixes the physical adrenaline rush of the Via Ferrata and zipline with a unique night staying in a transparent cube hanging off a cliff – not something you can boast to friends about everyday! We slept like babies after star gazing for hours and woke refreshed and ready for the zipline back to earth.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • Lots of people have asked us “How do you go the bathroom in the cube?” Fear not, Ario and Natalia have thought of everything! One end of the cube is known as the ‘dome’ and contains a dry toilet and hand-basin with one of the best bathroom views in Peru. It even has curtains for privacy!
  • We gave Skylodge a 4.5 star rating because we a) loved our stay and b) it’s a unique, adventure experience but just to be clear, despite the price tag and our rating, this is not a luxury hotel experience. There are no showers and for safety reasons you can’t leave the cube once you arrive. However, given the logistical difficulties of building something like Skylodge, it is surprisingly comfortable given that you are essentially suspended off the side of a mountain!
  • Kids are welcome from six years upwards making this a great family adventure.

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