Foodies and lovers of culinary secrets welcome to the Table del Inca. A restaurant offering a cuisine that balances the essence of Peruvian dishes with French ‘savoir-faire’. Table del Inca re-opened with a bang in May of this year filling a much-needed gap in Puno’s gastronomic scene, offering a semi-gourmet experience in an elegant atmosphere.

It was a real pleasure meeting Frenchmen Florent and Armin, the creators of this exciting project and listening to the story of their improbable partnership. We then went on to savour the fruits of their labour during our meal from a classic Pisco Sour to the decadent chocolate fondant for dessert.

Each dish at Table del Inca searches for a subtle balance of technique, aesthetics and complexity of flavours and their maturity in this search was a real surprise. The one-page menu consists of just 11 dishes and changes every 3 months guaranteeing both the quality of the products and the mastery of each dish.

Starters include a trout tartare ceviche served with mango coulis, walnut slivers and a cheese crisp. A colourful, entertaining dish that paved the way for a great dining experience. We also enjoyed the quinoa tabouleh with local mint and soya kebabs. This dish contains a pink citrus mystery sauce… Florent challenges all diners to try and guess what the ingredients are. (We still haven’t worked it out!.)

For mains, the quinnoto à la provençale shouts out with flavours from the south of France. It is served with vegetable fritters and a lemon herb whipped cream which is full of flavour and adds depth, an airy delight.

The traditional lomo saltado found throughout Peru is deconstructed at Table del Inca. The beef is prepared French-style ‘à la bourguignonne’, the veggies served on the side with soya sauce and potatoes presented in a nice ‘gratin dauphinois’. Original and tasty.

We are ‘creme brûlée’ addicts so let us share a few words about this Andean mint take on the dessert re-created by Armin. It is simple in appearance but with a beautiful depth on the palate. Definitely an exquisite dessert choice.

We’re curious to see the evolution in the food of Table del Inca over the next few years when these two ambitious 26 year olds gain even more experience combined with their exciting passion for cooking.

If you’re a foodie who foams at the mouth just thinking of the best restaurants in Lima or Cusco, you now have one more reason not to miss the astonishing sun rising from Lake Titicaca. If you’re visiting the region as a tourist, schedule a gastronomic stop at Table del Inca. You won’t be disappointed!

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • Opt for the excellently priced set menu for S/.80 which includes a starter, main course and dessert.
  • Book a table in the evenings as word has spread and the restaurant can get busy.

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