The Tawa Apu Kuntur store in Pisac run by Enzo and Laksmi specializes in traditional Andean and Amazon herbal medicine. Follow the delicious scent of plants that are usually burning in the typical ‘sahumerio’ or traditional ceramic dish to find their store, 30 metres up from the fruit and vegetable market on Avenida Federico Zamalloa in Pisac.

Tawa Apu Kuntur is a rustic store that is packed with over 100 varieties of plants in all their forms. Their vision is to share the healing properties of plants and the traditional relationship between plants and the local Andean communities with everyone who walks through the door.

They stock a range of organic essential oils from the Andean region including muña (Andean mint) rosemary, sage, palo santo and hierba luisa. A range of all-natural cosmetics including balms, creams and emulsions are lovingly hand-crafted by Laksmi using organic beeswax, jojoba, olive, coconut and brazil nut oils and a variety of essential oils. They have also created a range of aromatherapy sprays, massage oils and soaps that are completely organic, natural and will leave your senses soothed and relaxed.

Baskets of palo santo, asmachilca, sage and other sweet-smelling local plants are on display and can be bought by the kilo. Tawa Apu Kuntur have spent the last 15 years developing relationships with the San Pedro de Casta community in the Lima highlands and several indigenous Q’ero comunities in the Cusco highlands to source and sustainably harvest many Peruvian plants which were being forgotten. These plants are used to create their fragrant floral baths, herbal pillows and their range of ten different medicinal herbal tea blends including a relaxation blend and a blend to aid digestion.

Tawa Apu Kuntur provides floral baths and scented herbal pillows to the luxury Palacio Nazarenas hotel in Cusco and they are also one of the original participants in Lima’s Eco-feria. If you can’t make it to Pisac, you can find the Tawa Apu Kuntur stall at the Bio-feria in Miraflores on Saturdays and in San Isidro in Lima on Sundays.

Tawa Apu Kuntur is an herbalist’s dream. They love sharing their knowledge so stop by if you are interested in discovering Andean medicinal plants and the traditional healing methods used in the Andes or if you just simply want to find a delicious natural massage oil or face cream.

Best of Peru Travel Recommends:

  • They also stock their own home-made yoghurt, lentil burgers and delicious vegan chocolate for snacks. With over twenty years of experience in the hindu tradition they weave this magic into their range of spices including rosemary and thyme, massala and salt blends as well as their super foods and cosmetic products.

Special announcement:

We’re delighted to share that Tawa Apu Kuntur have just opened a new store in Cusco. You can visit them at Calle Plateros 369A in the heart of Cusco just half a block from the Plaza Mayor or Main Square from Monday to Friday between 09.30am – 18.30pm. They stock the same great range of their beautiful natural products you can find in Pisac including skincare crafted with love, as well as a selection of herbal teas, essential oils, nutritional supplements and organic ingredients from the Andes region of Peru.



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