The Limo Restaurant offers wonderful Peruvian fusion and novo-Andean cuisine on Cusco’s Main Square.

A large wooden counter welcomes you to the Limo restaurant, guiding you to the elegant terrace section of this old colonial house. The view of the “Plaza de Armas” is breathtaking and becomes enchanting in the evening once the city lights up.

Limo is known for its excellent cocktails and it is difficult to decide which to choose from the long cocktail menu of mainly pisco inspired drinks.  After many hesitations and advice from the very pleasant server, a large glass smelling sweetly of red berries was placed before me. The subtly proportioned cocktail raised my hopes of an enjoyable evening and gave me a dangerous thirst to taste other innovative blends.

The same innovation is found in the kitchen where international Chef Coque Ossio has created interesting combinations based around the concept of novo-andean cuisine. For appetizers, the assortment of ‘causas’, a popular dish from Lima with a base of mashed potato is a good option. It has been given a modern twist with a crab, smoked trout, avocado, honey, citric wasabi and salmon filling.

The presence of sushi on the menu may seem unusual in the middle of the Andes. But don’t hesitate to try the salmon-based “chizu” and “furay” rolls or our favourite the “limo” with smoked trout. A large Japanese community in Peru has imported its expertise and influence on Peruvian cuisine. This is reflected in the menu that converts the typical Peruvian “ceviche” (also on the menu) into delicious “Tiradito”. A dish of raw fish cut into thin strips as sashimi and marinated in lemon and Aji (Peru’s famous pepper) opening a path between the taste buds and heart.

The other starter we loved was the delicious ‘paiche con patacones’. This is the ultimate jungle dish to try in the Andes. The mix of flavours of the tender, pan-fried Amazonian ‘paiche’ fish married perfectly with the fried plantain and the sweet, cool flavor of the cocona fruit mash.

For mains, we suggest the grilled alpaca which was tender and cooked perfectly. The sweet elderberry sauce matched the earthy flavor of the meat. This dish is accompanied by a yellow pepper and parmesan quinotto which was one of the best we’ve tasted in Peru. We also tried the traditional guinea pig dish which can often be dry and difficult to eat. In Limo, it was served crunchy on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside and again was one of the best guinea pig we’ve tasted in the Andes.

A sweet euphoria accompanied my meal – a heady mix of altitude, a little pisco and above all great food. Climbing the stairs to Limo, I couldn’t help but think of all the times I’ve been disappointed by a restaurant that struggles to match the promise of fine cuisine with a wonderful venue, but the evening spent at Limo was excellent.

Limo’s kitchen is a reflection of the rich gourmet tradition currently on trend in Peru  making this restaurant one of the best in Cusco.

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  • Book terrace tables in advance as these terrace tables are very popular!

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