Plan Your Trip

So you’re leaving on the trip of a lifetime to Peru and you need to plan those last minute details before you leave…  We’ve spent seven years living in Peru down the road from Machu Picchu for seven years and have picked up some important tips along the way that we want to share  so you have the trip of a lifetime!

The ‘Plan Your Trip’ section is designed to help you plan the details for your trip so If you are still unsure of what of time of the year to travel to Cuzco, check out our when to travel information. Book a great rate at one of Peru’s top hotels.

Be aware of any passport, visa and immunization issues and have a read of our top tips for beating altitude sickness. Altitude sickness can make the start of your trip a little uncomfortable,  so follow our tips and suggestions to help ease the symptoms.

It is also important to make sure you have adequate  travel insurance before you leave and don’t forget to make sure you have a secure supply of money throughout your trip,  the banks and money information will help you with this.

If you want a little more organisation check out our Peru Tours section which features our favourite Peru Tours which we offer in conjunction with our partners Guiding Peru and Urban Adventures.

Lastly, we move on to more fun topics like what to pack so you don’t end up forgetting any essential items and don’t arrive with a suitcase that weighs more than your own body weight!

Happy planning!

Need more help? Why not book a personal trip planning session with one of our Peru travel experts top help you plan your trip of a lifetime!